Which Hawaiian Island Is Perfect For You?

Which Hawaiian Island Is Perfect For You

How can you decide which Hawaiian Island is perfect for you? For many travelers Hawaii is a must see destination, but for the people actually planning to visit Hawaii the decision between island hopping or visiting a single island is a daunting one.

The major Hawaiian Islands include #Kauai, #Oahu, #Maui, #Lanai, #Molokai and #HawaiiIsland. Which island you should visit depends on a few factors. What are you going for?

Are you seeking rest and relaxation on the beach? If so Kauai might be your best choice. If instead you are seeking surfing along with a little bit of history then consider Oahu. Privacy seekers will love Lanai and Molokai will tickle the fancy of those obsessed with the great outdoors. The Big Island is larger than all of the others combined and offers bits and pieces of the all the elements of Hawaiian travel to suit the masses.


The Island of Discovery is the oldest island with dramatic beauty. You can sun bathe on the beach, take in the sites of “The Grand Canyon of the Pacific,” or take a leisurely canoe ride down the Wailua River. Don’t miss Tunnels Beach Park and the whole North Shore some of the biggest waves I have ever seen. One of the best things to do is a sunset tour of the Napali Coast!


The Gathering Place is the home of Pearl Harbor and #Waikiki Beach. Both history buffs and surf lovers enjoy this island because of this. Still, it is often more crowded than the other islands and will not deliver as authentic of a Hawaiian experience as you will get on some of the other islands. Head up to the North Shore for some big surf and the Shrimp Shacks.


The Friendly Isle; Hawaiian By Nature is the place to visit for authentic Hawaiian culture as almost half of its population is of Native Hawaiian ancestry. Molokai has preserved the past while maintaining the beauty of the outdoors. The peaceful peninsula along Molokai’s rugged north coast Kalaupapa National Historic park was once a place where victims of Hansen’s disease were forced into isolation between 1866-1969.


The Private Isle, formerly the Pineapple island and most enticing, is so old school that it doesn’t even have a single traffic light. It is this level of remote living and lack of crowds that make the island feel like a true getaway from it all. With its Rich culture and Historical landmarks and laid back lifestyle it is a great place to visit for a few days.


The Magic Isle is the second largest island of Hawaii and is considered the home of some of the best beaches in the world as well as the best place in the world to whale watch in the winter.

Hawaii also known as The Big Island or Orchid Isle~ What draws so many travelers is their inability to choose between the other islands. The beaches, waterfalls, rain forests and volcanoes of the Big Island offer all of the elements many Hawaiian travelers seek relaxation, beauty, adventure, excitement and more. And did you know it snows on the Big Island? It happens to be my favorite, so much to see and do it isn’t unheard of for us to put 800+miles on our rental car in 10 days. Of course being from Washington we aren’t afraid of a little rain and love to stay in the rain forest! The green, the turtles and the smells draw us back year after year. I recommend at least a week on the Big Island it is so big and so much to see and do. My must sees are Akaka Falls, Rainbow Falls and you can’t miss Hawai’i Volcanoes National Park, Ka Lae (South Point) the southern most tip of the United States. There are many more just ask!

Should your travel time allow it, our best recommendation would be to island hop and spend a couple of days on several of the islands that appeal the most to you. If time is a factor however, many tourists are perfectly content with simply visiting the Big Island.

Only have a week? One great option is a cruise around all the islands, there are a few great choices for this I would love to help you pick the one that suits your budget and needs. Some you even get overnights on multiple islands.

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