What is Voluntourism

What exactly is Voluntourism?
This could mean traveling to a country to help people learn #English, helping out at an #elephant sanctuary, building hospitals in an area lacking medical care and so many other things. To the voluntourist, the trip is simply a way to give back to a community in need.

What does it take to be a voluntourist? First, you’ll need the desire to help others. Second, you’ll need a mission to help with. Third, you’ll need a way to fund your trip. Finally, you’ll need the willpower to actually make the trip and execute your plan of volunteering wherever your destination is.

Once you have decided that you want to volunteer in another country it’s time to start looking for a group to help with. Unfortunately, because of the growing popularity surrounding voluntourism there are several companies that have popped up to profit off of your desire to do good while not necessarily helping in the fashion you were hoping for. Because of this, it’s important to do background research on the company you will be helping out.

What should you look for in a volunteer tourism trip?  Make sure that you are actually helping. Follow the money- by this I mean ensure that the dollars you are putting in are actually going to the cause you are trying to help. Don’t use someone else’s struggle as a spectacle. If you truly want to make a difference, make one! Remember that voluntourism is not a resume builder or a way to look good to your peers on Facebook, it is a way to give back and do your part.

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Have you ever been on a voluntourism trip? Tell us about it in the comments below!


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