Vacation Safety Tips

Vacation Safety

Vacation Safety

When we go on vacation, the last thing most of us are thinking about is the need to stay aware of our surroundings and use caution. Unfortunately, this is the exact thing that unsavory characters worldwide are hoping for- to catch you off guard and blissfully unaware. Here are just a few vacation safety tips you should keep in mind so that at the end of the #vacation you come back with all of your co-travelers and all of your belongings in one piece:

1. Before you leave, make sure you have all travel documents you need. Make copies of passports and identification and put the copies in another suitcase, so they are not with the originals. Doing so will save you massive hassles in the event something does happen. Also be sure to keep a list of all credit cards you are bringing along with emergency numbers just in case you end up needing to cancel them.
2. Try to avoid traveling alone.  Not only will this help you always to have a buddy wherever you end up, but when you have to go through security at the airport one of you can watch the valuables while the other one goes through the metal detector.
3. Know where you are headed and scope the place out ahead of time. There is nothing that screams tourist faster than pulling out a map or asking for directions.
4. For men- carry your wallet in your front pocket to thwart pickpockets and women- instead of a large purse opt for a fanny pack worn in front, a #money belt or a cross-body strapped small purse that has a zipper.
5. Do your best to stay out of alleys and avoid going anywhere alone at night.
6. Keep an eye on the news for crime rates and #tourist warnings where you will be traveling. If the place you are going is full turmoil, you might want to pick a different destination.
7. Finally, don’t post on social media that you are going to be away from your house. The last thing you want is to come home to a gutted place because you tipped off the bad guys that you were away.

8. Always put your passport back in a safe place when you are not using. Do Not put it in the airline seat pocket!

Another good idea before you #travel is to consider traveler’s insurance. Call Plumeria Breezes Travel and ask about how you can get a policy today!

For more vacation safety tips, visit the USA.gov travel safety page!

These are just some of the vacation tips we thought of, but there are obviously loads more safety precautions you can use when traveling. What are your favorite ways to keep you, your belongings and co-travelers #safe while on #vacation?
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