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Whatever name you want to use or have heard, yes we DO still exist! We exist for a very good reason, to cut through the clutter on the internet and to help you, our clients plan your best vacation ever. Travel agents aren’t here to swindle you or to take all your money or sell you our favorite vacation spot. We are simply here to narrow things down for you. A friend that works for a tour operator says “the internet’s for looking, travel agents are for booking”.

We may not always be the absolute lowest price but there is usually a reason for that! Do you want to have a “resort view” aka the employee parking lot, dumpsters and noisy street view? Or do you want a step or 2 above that or ocean view where you are looking through the trees or Oceanfront with an unobstructed view of the ocean?  When booking online are you talking to a person or a computer?

Most importantly, during the COVID-19 crisis travel advisors have worked tirelessly to get our clients re-booked, canceled, and refunded as much as possible. Unfortunately, it hasn’t all been easy or quick but at least you have someone else to do the work for you and sit on hold to decipher new everchanging policy . And remember, we don’t get paid until or unless you travel but we are still here doing the work for you.

If you have a question can you call someone and get that answer in a few minutes or are you going to sit on hold?
Travel Agents don’t just train to become a travel agent, we train, find a job, and continue our education by spending hours on webinars, and other online classes, and by traveling to the places our clients want to visit so we have first-hand knowledge.

We go to amazing places and experience the hotels and visit as many as humanly possible in a short amount of time, we know which ones have good food or great food, we know which ones may have an odor you aren’t going to want to sit in for 7 days on your vacation no matter what your budget is (or how long you plan to be in the room), we know which places to avoid and we have a network of agent and industry friends all over the world to help us if we need it.

When you ask for our advice or to pick our brain don’t be surprised if we would rather set up a free consultation to talk because we will not give you a “ballpark figure” or tell you the best place to honeymoon in Hawaii. Why? It’s simple, there are too many answers. Depending on the date or location prices are drastically different. As far as Hawaii or any other destination? It really just depends on the individual likes, wants, and needs for their trip.
Travel Professionals are here to serve you and we honestly care about your vacation, some of us charge a fee but there is a reason for that, we aren’t even close to finished when you book your hard-earned vacation. We are still staying in contact with the resort and reminding them that our valued clients are coming their way or adding personal touches like VIP packages and special in-room amenities. We are here to answer your questions from the time you first sit down with us until its time to travel, and most importantly, we are here if something goes wrong.

The years of training and knowledge do come with a small price so we can continue to serve you our valued clients. Does your dot com truly care if you are having issues or if you are stuck in an airport? Do they text you to make sure things have gotten resolved at the resort if there is a problem? Do they care that you have to get to work or pick up your kids when you have a travel delay? They sure don’t care that you had to rent a car to get the rest of the way home because the airline canceled your 2nd flight… Is saving fifty-dollars worth that? We care, that’s why we do what we do. You don’t think that an internet travel company or the big warehouse store is in it for free, do you? I should hope not. I try to support my local businesses where I can and appreciate the personal service. And you know what? I pay their fees, I pay my hairstylist, my realtor, my mechanic, my tax preparer and anyone else that has a service they provide.

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