Why Should I Use A Travel Advisor?

Why should you use a Travel Professional?

Because we can save our clients time, money and stress. I’m not saying don’t do your own research, I am saying do some research and call a professional to help get the most value for your vacation funds.  I have a friend in the Tour Operator side of the industry that quotes “the internet is for looking, Travel Agents are for booking”. He is exactly right, there is so much information out there that it is difficult to know if what you see is what you get.

Travel Advisors work with tour operators, hoteliers and other travel advisors world wide to make sure our  are getting what they pay for. We travel the globe researching and learning as well as networking to make sure we know our products and that our  clients are going to get the service they deserve.

Ok, we’ve narrowed down where you want to go, what happens next? Based on our discussions I would give you a few quotes based on your travel style and budget. I can help with things to do like deep sea fishing, jungle adventures, snorkeling, diving, golf etc. I only book these things with trusted tour operators and don’t recommend waiting until you get to your destination as you might not get the tour you want.

With our contacts at resorts and companies around the world we can contact the resort and get you money saving amenities, make special requests on your behalf and just pave the way for a relaxing trip. On top of all of this I don’t charge a fee for most travel planning as I already get paid for what I do.

The important thing is to let us do our job though, trust us to know what we are talking about. I am sure there could be travel advisors that don’t know their products but the ones I know, know their jobs and do them well and with integrity. We are in this because it is more than a job it is our passion.  Yes it is hard to give up control and we don’t ask you to just sit back and let a stranger do all your vacation planning, we want you to be involved and keep you in the loop.  I personally work with clients all over the US and I don’t get face to face conversations but if they let me I talk with them on the phone and via email and text to make sure we are getting exactly what they ask for.

My job doesn’t stop at just booking your vacation, I am here to answer questions before your vacation but I am also here as your advocate while you are on your trip. Say your flights are cancelled without notice or another booking, I am here to make sure you get home that you aren’t stuck to figure it out on your own.  I have had clients text me with a notice from the airline that their flight was canceled.  They then headed to the beach knowing I was there to take care of it for them one phone call and 15 minutes later she had a new flight confirmation number with zero stress.  Plumeria Breezes Travel specializes in group travel such as weddings, friend groups, reunions, adventure travel, workshops & meetings and student groups, luxury travel. Groups have a lot of details to coordinate why not hire a professional?

To get started planning your next vacation call Plumeria Breezes Travel today! 360.391.6001



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