You Need More Than 3 Days For a Proper Vacation

It is the desire of many men and women to travel to different places as often as possible. Since for the average person this means a 5-7 vacation at most, they are looking to get as much trip in one go as possible. Unfortunately, this has caused a travel trend that I feel needs to be stopped  – visiting a bunch of destinations in one vacation.  The truth is each vacation, unless it’s two weeks or longer should be to ONE destination only. Having 3 days here and 3 days there is a bad idea and here are just a few reasons you need more time for a proper vacation:

You need time to adapt to the new environment.
The first and last day of your vacation will likely be spent traveling. To truly adapt to your surroundings wouldn’t you prefer to actually have time in them?

You’ll get to enjoy yourself fully if you stay put.
Odds are you want to enjoy yourself.   How can you do that if you’re constantly rushing to get to the next place? Settle in and take in the rest.  You’ve earned this leisure time. Beats the heck out of the alternative of coming home feeling unsatisfied and like you missed out on the pleasures you could have had.

It will give you time to participate in more of the vacation activities.
Just like you can’t ride EVERY ride at Disney in one day, how can you expect to do all that an entire city has to offer in 3 days? Having more time in one place allows you to enjoy the adventures, the attractions, the food and more.

Take time to make new friends and learn about the culture.
You can’t learn about anything when you are in a rush, slow down, meet new people and gain a better understanding of where you are and the history of the place. Listen to the locals as they talk, watch what they are wearing and how they interact. Who knows? You may learn something that sticks with you for the rest of your life.

You will get to enjoy the excellent services that are offered in the resort.
In some cases, the resort is a destination to be explored in and of itself. Find out about classes and tours they may offer, eat at one of their restaurants,  get pampered at their spa and enjoy being taken care of.

In the end, you may wish you had seen more places, but at least if you spend more time in one destination you will walk away feeling like you actually saw that destination.  Besides, seeing everything that a place has to offer by spending more time there means you might not need to go back there leaving you ample time for your next vacation to explore a new destination!

Tell me in the comments below how long you think the perfect vacation is!


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