What’s On Your Travel Bucket List?
As a travel agent I’m often asked where my favorite places to visit are, it’s no secret that I love Hawaii and visit as often as possible. What people may not know though is there are several places I have not yet visited, but can’t wait to see as soon as I possible. Here are some of the destinations on my personal travel bucket list:

1. Tahiti – It’s kind of funny that I’ve been talking a lot lately about how much I want to visit Tahiti because at the end of February I won 3 nights at a Luxury Hotel Bora-Bora at a travel seminar!

2. Cook Islands – Halfway between New Zealand and Hawaii in the South Pacific, the Cook Islands are comprised of 15 islands featuring untouched charm, blue lagoons, the perfect climate, gorgeous beaches and more.

3. Europe- A huge continent I know and I always tell my customers I need more info that just “Europe.” I specifically want to visit Ireland, Scotland, Amsterdam, the beaches of Normandy and of course the Amalfi Coast in Italy! I also want to do a European river cruise how amazing would that be? When I go on my European River Cruise is will be via Avalon Waterways! The river cruise boats of Avalon Waterways feature Open-Air Balconies® with giant wall-to-wall windows that provide spectacular views. How cool is that?

4. Costa Rica- With its bubbling hot springs, majestic waterfalls, volcanoes and the magnificent rain-forest. I have been there once before but it was for work and I really want to go for pleasure. Imagine zip-line over the trees, white water rafting, night hikes through the jungle and just all of the amazing animals there!

5. The Galapagos – Located just west of Ecuador in the Pacific Ocean sit Galapagos Islands. I guess you could say based on past travels and many of the destinations on my bucket list I’m an island girl. Something about the tropical paradise that islands bring- they get me every time! Maybe Kenny Chesney has it write when he sings about a Pirate Flag and an Island Girl?

I could go on and on, but these are just the first places that I came up with. There are more such as Thailand and just about any island in the Caribbean but for now I am curious- What is on your bucket list? Chime in with a comment below and when you are ready to start crossing off some destinations give me a call at Plumeria Breezes Travel (360) 391-6001 and let’s start planning your amazing bucket list vacations!

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