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Regardless of who you fall in love with, I believe you should be allowed to marry them if you choose to. Because of this, Plumeria Breezes Travel is now LGBT wedding certified.

In September I had the great fortune to travel to Riviera Maya for a Gay Wedding Institute Seminar put on by Bernadette Smith from 14 Stories. Have you heard of them? Since 2004 they have produced over 400 weddings, parties and events for LGBTQ and progressive couples around the globe. It was a wonderful learning opportunity and we had such great time! The biggest takeaway from this experience is that regardless of who you love and want to marry, love is love! I believe it is important to continue my education whenever I get the chance. As I type this I am sitting at Sea-Tac waiting for a flight back to Cancun for another conference.

So now that I’m Gay Wedding Certified what does it mean? It means I am now
now confident that I can help plan the destination weddings of your dreams no matter who you are or what your sexual orientation. It means I understand the unique needs and concerns of the the LGBT community and I’m ready, willing and able to cater to them.

Why did I choose to get certified?

Not only is it important to me that I know the marriage laws for all my clients, but client safety is equally important if not more so. For instance in the U.S. Virgin Islands it is legal for same sex marriages to happen, but there are not laws in place to protect against discrimination. It is crucial that I know which countries around the world have equal rights marriage laws and I’m pleased to report there are several including French Polynesia/Bora Bora. Here, it is legal with full protection.

Did you know that 50% of Americans are okay with Legal discrimination against the LGBT community on Religious grounds?

What goes into creating the perfect Destination Wedding?

A lot of planning and communication. There is a significant amount of communication between the couple getting married, the couple with the planner,  and planner with the resort. Some people choose to just book with me and take care of the plans on their own. That is an option but for most trips I don’t charge a planning fee to take care of all the details for you.

Marriage equality is important to me because I have been married for 22 years and I can’t imagine being told I couldn’t marry my husband. I think everyone should have the right to marry the love of their life don’t you? Because of how much I support marriage equality, I also have recently become a member of Skagit PFLAG and try to support as many of their fundraisers as possible.

My goal is to have everyone who chooses plan or book their wedding with Plumeria Breezes Travel enjoy the best experience possible and have their guests saying “That was the best wedding I’ve ever been to” regardless of who they are saying “I do” to. Help me help ALL couples by spreading the word that I’m available for wedding planning and booking regardless of sexual orientation. Feel free to pass along this website and my email at Monique@PlumeriaBreezesTravel.com!
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What was the best wedding you have ever been to? Leave a comment below.


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