Just Roll With It
So you have this amazing trip planned right down to the tiniest detail…You know where you will eat, what you will see, what you will do.
Unfortunately things happen, my motto is “just roll with it.” You can either allow a few small bumps ruin your trip or you can roll with it.
Several years ago we went to Hawaii and had planned to take a submarine ride on the other side of the island which happened to be a 3 hour drive from where we were staying. We drug the kids out of the lagoon where they were happy and content to stay and play with the fish & turtles, drove for 3 hours arrived in Kona to find out our tour had been cancelled due to high surf and they had called my home number instead of the local number I had given or even my cell phone that they asked for. Of course I was irritated so I bit the poor girls head off on the way out the door because they had a space for a mobile or a local number and called the one marked home number to cancel. We decided we could either let this ruin our trip or we could just roll with it and find something else to do, we got out our map and explored that part of the island.
Another time we were heading to Hawaii with 9 people and our flight was delayed by 8 hours (it was announced while we were at the airport getting ready to go through security). Instead of getting mad we calmly asked what time we would land in Hilo. After a series of airline mishaps and being rerouted to Portland and 2 of our party almost missing the connecting plane we made it to Hilo only an hour late. You can get mad and let it ruin your trip or you can “Just Roll With It.”
Another example was when we were on our vacation to French Polynesia, it was an 11 day cruise from Tahiti to 2 of the Cook Islands, unfortunately there was a heavy storm in the area and we ended up having our route changed at least 3 times during that 11 days. We decided we could get grumpy like other passengers or just adjust our personal itinerary. We got to see two islands we wouldn’t have been able to get to otherwise, got off the ship and had an adventure and had a delicious cheese burger on this tiny pier. We didn’t want to be stuck in the rain and wind either or take the chance of being stuck on the ship for 2 days.
If you book with me I will do my best to make sure it is an amazing trip however sometimes things don’t always go as planned, sometimes the wifi is spotty and the skype of the wedding won’t work (please make sure you record it) sometimes the room request is either ignored or doesn’t get relayed to the hotel and you may not get the exact room you requested (I will do my best to get you moved but if the resort is sold out it may not happen). Sometimes the request for round trip shuttle transfer gets goofed up that is something I will take care of immediately if that happens instead of sitting at customer service on your short vacation please call or text me ASAP.
I have customers that had their whole trip rained on, noisy rooms, 2 beds instead of 1, making room changes at 9pm. It is all in how you deal with it. Usually the nicer you are to the resort staff the apt they are to accommodate your requests.
Some tips for handling travel stress: pack a snack-some places are on a different schedule than you and close down for a siesta between the normal lunch crowd and dinner, if you have a noisy request they move your or take care of the noise, don’t plan a rigid schedule after all you are on vacation slow down and enjoy it. Look at backup activities ahead of time sometimes plans fall through. Above all that roll with it and enjoy your time away from work and home stresses.


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