Incentive Travel

Did you know that the variable cost of hiring a new employee can be up to $18,000? Sometimes, this number is even higher depending on the business you are in! Instead of wasting all that money on finding new people to work for you, why not work on retaining the employees you already have by offering travel incentives?

If you own a business where sales need to be made, then you need to motivate your employees to make those sales. A destination trip will yield more returns than any cash incentive you could give and everyone can do incentive travel in their business!

Let’s face it. Giving a monetary incentive is boring. If an employee is given cash, they will most likely use the money to pay bills and then forget about it. A dream trip is much more memorable. The trip will live on in pictures on Facebook, memories in the minds of the employees who went on the trip and all of the employees will keep talking about it for months to come.

The best part? There is no upfront cost! Regardless of whether or not they meet their goal, your employees are bringing in extra money for you. You could start making extra money from the second they attempt to earn the free trip you are offering. If the employee does fail, not only did it not cost you anything, your company’s numbers still go up! If the employee succeeds, you will have plenty of extra capital to pay for the trip. There is no downside.

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