A Guide to Figuring out Your Travel Style

We all have preferences in life. Perhaps this is even more true when it comes to travel. Traveling can feel like a mixed bag of tricks for those who are not entirely sure on their personal travel style. For example, some people would rather sit on a beach somewhere and drink Mojitos from sun up to sundown and others would rather scale Mt. Everest. Others still can of nothing else but Gondola rides in Venice or dinner in Paris. If you are unsure as to what kind of traveler you are, here is a simple guide that may help you figure out your travel style.

The ExplorerTraveling in the Mountains

An explorer stands apart from the regular traveler in that they would rather visit fewer places. Where some people want to see as much of the globe as they can in one trip, the explorer would rather spend time in one location and investigate it thoroughly. This kind of traveler stays longer at one place and ensures that they know everything there is to know about it before they move on to the next.

Adventure Seeker

Bungee Jumper

If you find the idea of Bungee jumping in New Zealand absolutely refreshing, then you just might be an adventure traveler. If you get giddy just thinking about what a wonderful rush it would be to run with the bulls in Pamplona, or to go dancing your way through Berlin or maybe parasail in Kenya and Heli-skiing from the mountains in Banff, then you are definitely an adventure traveler.

Luxury Traveler

Luxury Travelers

If it is not a private island where a private jet can land, then you are not interested. This is a glaring indication you are a luxury traveler. You dream of going to Dubai and to spend a few nights at the world’s only 7 star hotel, you only ever travel first class or on a private plane, and money isn’t an issue. You just want the white glove treatment and the most luxurious experiences. Roughing it is definitely out of the question.


Romantic TravelersThis is the kind of traveler who sees Paris in their dreams. Their idea of a wonderful trip is to spend their evenings drinking wine and watching the sunset from the Caldera in Santorini. If Gondola rides in Venice, secluded beach houses in Mombasa or candle lit dinners in Cape Town give you goose bumps, then you are a traveler who seeks romance before all else. You would never dream of taking a trip alone.

Thrill/Danger Junkie

Danger Junkie

There is a slight difference between adventure travelers and those who just can’t get enough danger in their lives. These are the folks that will look a lion directly in the eye in the jungle and live to tell about it. These are the people that could be skydiving over volcanoes one minute and cave diving in the most remote places that even season scuba divers fear the next. None of this fazes you, however, you just like it that way.

Intellectual Traveler

Intellectual TravelerThe intellectual traveler would never visit a destination that does not have a robust arts and culture scene. From excellent museums to mystic archeological sites and ground breaking architecture, these are all things that make the most valuable travel experiences for you.

No matter what your travel style, Plumeria Breezes Travel can help you make your travel dreams come true. So pack a bag, give us a call and tell us where you want to go. We’ll take care of the rest!


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