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Are you looking for a different type of vacation? Something more meaningful? I specialize in experiential travel. How about experiencing a forgotten culture, a refreshing swim in a sacred cenote, eating dinner with a local, talking story with elders, or touring ancient archeological sites? Did you know that the Yucatán Peninsula in Mexico has all of this and more?

The Yucátan has so much to offer off the beaten path from the vibrant yellow city of Izamal to bustling beautiful Merida, Chichen Itza to Uxmal, Historical Haciendas to Modern Luxury Hotels there is something there for everyone.

There are thousands of archeological sites most people have never heard of and now is the time to see them!

If any of these sounds like exactly what you are looking for you are in the right place!

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It’s time to get out and explore, there are places like Campeche and Yaxunah that most people have never even heard of let alone dreamed of exploring.

The forgotten city of Yaxunah, most people have never even heard of it let alone visited, yet it was once more important than Chichen Itza is less than 15 minutes away. More than 650 structures and at least 500 years older than Chichen but not restored so it’s not as popular. They’ve discovered a road that led to Coba which is 66 miles away believed to be the longest road built by the Mayans they used the white stone to build it and could navigate it by the moon when it was much cooler out. Before going be sure to get permission and have a local guide. There is also a museum, a cenote, a seed bank, and other interesting Mayan cultures to be experienced.

There is so much to explore on this planet, whether you are longing for beaches, looking for a rainforest adventure, or are a history buff and want to check off the 7 Wonders of the World I’m here to help you customize your amazing travel experience.