8 Traveling Superstitions Around The Globe

Traveling is meant to take people to various new locations and provide them with many exhilarating experiences. However, it can often end up putting people out of their comfort zone. For some people the thrills of travel are unnerving causing them to stress about every little thing related to travel. One result of this is the creation in the mind of wildly bizarre beliefs that can cause these weary travels to either fear travel more or finally feel safe. With this in mind, we have found 8 interesting travel superstitions that we felt we simply had to share. Check them out below and then leave a comment telling us what your travel superstitions are!
1) No Looking Back: It is widely believed that when someone is about to go out on his/her journey it is wise not to look back as they are leaving because it may bring bad luck. People also avoid heading back home even if they forget to bring something.
2) Airplane superstitions: The scariest thing about traveling for most people is flying on an airplane. Because of this some people make certain that they step on every plane with the exact same foot, always sit in the same seat or aisle and some even kiss the land after reaching their final destination to thank the spirits for getting them there safely.
3) Picking the Dates: Some travelers believe it’s bad luck to travel on a Friday? Why? It is believed to be ill-fated since Jesus was crucified on a Friday. Others will not travel on the 13th of any month and others still refuse to fly on Halloween for fear of evil spirits. For many people traveling on a Sunday is believed to be the luckiest day to begin a vacation.
4) The Numbers Game: The number 13 has long been affiliated with bad luck in the USA. In fact, many hotels will skip the 13th floor and many airlines refuse to use the number 13 on gates, aisles and seats. Similarly, in Italy the number 17 is considered unlucky and in China the number 4 is deemed ill-fated.
5) Lucky Charms: Some people need a lucky rabbit’s foot to travel, but one carry-on that got our attention is garlic. Yep, you read that correctly. In Bosnia and Herzegovina it is considered lucky to pack some garlic inside your luggage.
6) Superstitions Surrounding the Sea: There are several beliefs about sea travel. First, unnamed boats are considered unlucky. You must only travel on boats with a name. However, the boat’s name must not end in the letter ‘A’. Finally, the original name of the boat must never have changed or the journey could be tumultuous at best. If all of these criteria are met, then the journey should be a pleasant one.
7) The Necessity of Silence: It may surprise you, but some people believe that noise can bring bad luck to a journey. For example, some folks in the Ukraine have been known to sit together amongst their fellow travelers in complete silence before they go on a trip.
8) Travel Indicators: Two superstitions we’ve heard are not fear based, but rather a sign that travel is in your future. The first is itchy feet. The other is noticing a spider running down its web. Both of these are said to be indicators that you will be going on a large trip soon.

Something most people don’t know, it is bad luck to take volcanic rocks from Hawaii… It is believed the Pele the Goddess of fire gets angry when you take lava rock.  I for one believe it as one of my family members brought some home a few years ago and the day we arrived home our pond pump quit, our fairly new refrigerator quit within 2 days of returning home, my daughter, son and I all 3 had some sort of surgery within a 6 months of coming home that hadn’t been planned. Needless to say I sent the rocks back when I found out about them!

Here is a fun little tidbit, did you know that if you throw your shell lei back in the ocean when you are leaving Tahiti it means you will be back? I just tossed one shell back, I couldn’t part with my lei!

Tell us about some of your travel superstitions in the comments below!


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